Mindset Alchemy™ Coaching Program

Each of us has an inner brilliance that is uniquely ours. It takes a spark, a powerful shift to ignite and activate that inner brilliance so that it can grow and enable us to achieve success beyond our imagination.

You’re in the right place to master your mindset, clear your energy blocks and create abundance

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up everyday feeling confident that you are living your life’s purpose and feeling passionate about how you’re showing up in the world! How incredible would it feel to know that you have sparked that light inside of you and magnetically attract all of your hearts desires without the fear and doubt that have plagued your life for far too long. 

Let today be the day be you move from fear, indecision and doubt, to CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and ACTION.  

Have you been trusting everyone’s voice, but your own? 

Years ago, this was my story. I had such a passion to help women shift their mindset so they ignited their inner brilliance,  but first I needed to ignite my own inner brilliance that was buried deep inside me. I couldn’t figure out what was the missing key to having an amazing life filled with happiness, love and abundance.  I doubted every decision I made because I didn’t feel confident enough to listen to my own voice about who I was and what I wanted to share with the world and that kept me from really being authentic and allowing my inner brilliance to shine. 

One day I finally figured out what the missing piece was to creating joy and success in my life and business. It was ME and my MINDSET!

Once I changed my own beliefs and shifted my energy, everything changed. Today I work with women female entrepreneurs who have mastered their mindset, cleared their energy blocks and now feel confident about who they are and their gifts, talents and abilities. 

Are you ready to have a mentor to guide and support you so you master your mindset and feel more confidence in who you are and become a beacon of light and create abundance in your life? As an Intuitive Mindset Coach and Energy Healer, I help women AIM for more in their life so they create a business that fulfills their purpose, they passionately share their inner brilliance and shine their light on every person they come in contact with. 

* Living a rich satisfying life is about you bringing more ATTENTION to your present moment so you know exactly how to release old wounds and self-limiting beliefs and really live a life of happiness, joy, confidence and self-worth. 

* Become more AWARE of your internal environment (your mindset) so you create a new and brilliant story for the way you want to feel and live

* IMAGINE how amazing your life will be when you explore all the possibilities that come up when you Ignite Your INNER BRILLIANCE

* Set your INTENTION and declare what you are going to experience, create and achieve in your life

* Transform your energy and change your MINDSET so you start living a satisfying, confident, amazing life

Mindset Alchemy™ 90 Day Coaching Program 

I help you create new thoughts and beliefs for how you want to show up in the world. No more living with doubt or fear that is keeping you from moving into action and magnetically shinning your inner brilliance and attracting love, joy and abundance in your life and business.

Energetically I work on you so you heal different aspects of your energy that’s stopping you from changing your mindset and keeping your thoughts in an old pattern. I shift your energy and then I teach you how to change your mindset  and then I create the action steps so you create a new reality of abundance for your life.

I empower YOU to shift your energy so you ignite that amazing inner brilliance that is burning deep inside of you, so you exude more confidence, attract more abundance and live the life you desire.  





$1,297 DEPOSIT + 2 PAYMENTS OF $1,297 EACH




My name is Tracy Neely and your story, was my story. I was in a place in my life where my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits kept me blocked and not knowing how to change my life. I knew I wanted so much more for my life, but I didn’t know what to do and where to turn to.

Have you felt like that? You know that you are here to do so much more in your life, but there’s a missing piece to the puzzle and you’ve ready the books, said the mantra’s and prayed about it, but things seem to stay the same. 

Women often ask me why I am so passionate about supporting women to see their inner brilliance.  My reason is because for many years I didn’t feel confident and doubted every decision I made and when I finally started moving into action, nothing was happening. It wasn’t until I shifted my energy and mindset did I start to see that spark inside of me turn into what has always been there, my gifts. When that happened, everything changed and I started to experience more joy and abundance and life as I knew had transformed forever!





I believe every woman carries deep inside her a knowing for what she has been called into this life time to do that connects and aligns with her true purpose and passion.


Are you ready to master your mindset, clear your energy blocks and transform your life?

Then This Is For YOU


What’s Included:

1. Energy Healing

The first step in you creating a life where you experience joy, love and abundance is clearing your energy through energy healing. 

  • I work on you energetically so you heal different aspects of your energy that’s stopping you from changing your mindset.
  • I shift your energy and teach you how to master your mindset using my sacred Energetic Healing Practice 
  • Together we create your energetic actions so you create a new reality for your life.

2. Mindset Mastery

Train your mind so you release any blocks around your self-worth and wealth consciousness and stay in alignment with creating new habits and beliefs so you stay focused and move into action and experience a new reality for your life.

  • Your mindset, intuition together with my savvy know-how will help you create the foundation for your life with tools, structures and strategies. 
  • Create a fearless wealth consciousness that keeps you moving forward and taking action on your desires and goals for your life and business.
  • Create a new vision for your life by connecting on a deep level with your ‘why’  and develop the confidence to create a path for your life and business.  
  • Get really clear on any limiting beliefs about money and with my intuitive insight, you’ll see where your money story started.
  • Release your conscious and subconscious stories permanently and create a new story so you connect with people on a deep level in an authentic way.

3. Transformational Coaching

Together we will go on a journey where you awaken to what you desire for your life. We will shine a light on what has been blocking you from living what you were called to do. 

  • Experience life-altering shifts that arise when you uncover and release old, negative subconscious stories, emotions, feelings, thoughts and habits.  
  • Move past your beliefs that are keeping you wishing things were different. Coaching will align who you are with your gifts, talents and abilities so you feel more confident on your road to success. 



I was in my early 20’s, and had moved to New York City from my home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee to pursue the career and life I’d always dreamed about. I was single, working my butt off in a six figure marketing job, and loving the bright lights and the Big Apple and the bright lights all around me. 

Then, during a routine dental exam one trip back home to Chattanooga, my dentist noticed a tiny dark spot in my lower jaw on my x-ray. After weeks of waiting and tests, I learned the diagnosis: I had an extremely rare tumor in my jaw, and I needed surgery immediately. (Thank God it wasn’t cancerous!) My jaw, facial nerves and many teeth had to be removed… and my life changed completely.

Following the surgery, I felt like my confidence and self-esteem were at an all time low because of the way that I looked and I hid from the world. Once a lover of beauty and an unabashed extravert, I became a recluse, not wanting anyone to see my new face, or my long and painful recovery. I had to physically re-train my mouth to chew, and to speak, and learn to adapt to my new way of eating. 

However, this time in my life truly was a blessing in disguise. Not feeling confident to speak my voice or share my gifts and talents was getting pretty old. I expected so much more from my life, but I felt paralyzed to move forward. My fear, doubt and procrastination made me feel less than confident and I continued to play the same tape in my mind. That joy, happiness and success were for everyone else but me. But something changed! 

I started to read books on the power of thought, how to create new habits, how to transform my mind and my body. That lead me to pursue a passion that had been hidden deep inside of me. I had always been fascinated with the mind and I can remember when I was 17, I shared with my mom that I wanted to be a Psychologist. Her first words to me were, “are you sure you want to do that”. I questioned my desire and allowed her words to make me doubt if this was possible for my life.  Has this every happened to you? She had the best intentions and in her own way, was looking out for my best interest. 

Year’s later, my interest blossomed into a full-blown business. I was fascinated by the way my energy and my thoughts affected the events in my life. Deep down inside, I knew that my energy, thoughts and beliefs were keeping me from experiencing happiness, confidence and abundance so everyday I worked on my energy and my thoughts while continuing to learn everything about energy, chakras, confidence and mindset. My journey lead me to find my own inner brilliance and in doing that, I felt confident to allow what had been a deep desire in me to blossom into a passion for helping women ignite their own inner brilliance. 

I’ve always felt very intuitive and could feel energy even when I didn’t know that it was called energy healing. I could walk in a room and I would think to myself, something in here doesn’t feel right and if I were around a group of people, I would feel myself absorb their energy.  After years of learning about energy healing, chakra’s, and other energetic transformational tools, I felt confident to share my love and passion of energy healing, mindset mastery and transformational coaching with women who are ready to be a “beacon of light” and transform the lives of the people they are meant to work with. 


This is your time to become a master of your mindset and energetically create the life you desire!



Michelle Lowbridge

 Tracy is awesome!  An enormous heart, a super-genius level of intuition, and a great gift for creating change, all add up to her being a fantastic coach!   She tuned into her magic, and immediately gave me a key insight. ~ Michelle Lowbridge – The Energy Editor™




Rosana Espino Harris

Tracy was not only able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but was able to find additional pieces that I was not aware I had. When she put it all together, it just sounded so TRUE and so undeniable ME. Thank you Tracy for providing me with such clarity, allowing me to move forward with confidence in my life and business.
~Rosanna Espino Harris – Life & Love Coach



Brenda J. King

The information Tracy provided resonated with a handful of things I was in the process of integrating.  She also provided some new information that helped put some pieces together for me. Tracy made energy changes that I felt strongly the next morning. I definitely recommend working with Tracy. ~Brenda J. King – Transformational Guide and Healer








$1,297 DEPOSIT + 2 PAYMENTS OF $1,297 EACH


Lisa Marie PepeDuring my coaching with Tracy, she helped me move past my money blocks and pointed out the areas in which I was unconsciously sabotaging my business. This was a huge breakthrough for me as I knew that I had been undervaluing and over-delivering my coaching services for a long time.

I needed to hear what Tracy had to say, but more importantly, I needed to believe the message she was sending me. In her loving, yet assertive manner, Tracy helped me to recognize that I have the ability to make a big impact in the world and that I needed to be more assertive in certain areas of my business if I was to make it happen. Our time together was invaluable! I now have a new money mindset, a tangible business plan for success, and concrete action steps that I can’t wait to implement. ~ Lisa Marie Pepe – The Confidence Coach & Online Visibility Expert


Tiffany Vanderhorst

Tracy is amazing! When I spoke with her, I had so much fear and so many blocks around money, but I couldn’t understand what they were or why they were holding me back. Tracy was able to pick up on the energy in my heart chakra right away and began clearing it. I was also dealing with a lot of pressure around making money to support my family. I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Tracy helped me see how that was holding me back and helped me find ways to release it. After working with Tracy, I felt totally free and clear. And the very next day I had a new client sign up to work with me who not only paid in full, but paid more than I’ve made in my best month in my business so far! I truly believe that was possible because my money blocks were cleared, and I was open and not afraid to receive. I am truly grateful for my experience with Tracy. She is such a breath of fresh air in this industry. ~ Tiffany Vanderhorst – Manifestation Coach and Mentor for Miraculous Women


Alaina OdessaTracy is an awesome and powerful coach!!  She helped me see how I’ve been restricting & limiting myself by “the story” I’ve been telling for years.  I was blown away by how she helped me “see inside” my own perspective and then led me to new & more empowering options about my life. The thing I loved most about coaching with Tracy is how easy it was for her to hear and reflect back what I was and wasn’t saying.  easy it was for her to hear & reflect back what I was and wasn’t saying. She shifted how I thought about my business and how I showed up in my business. ~ Alaina Odessaeasy it was for her to hear & reflect back what I was and wasn’t saying. She shifted how I thought about my business and how I showed up in my business.           ~ Alaina Odessa

Sherrich Monsher My work with Tracy has not only helped me realize my true potential, but that potential has manifested into a reality! My work with Tracy has helped change my entire outlook on how I will obtain the true things I want in life. I have met my authentic self and I love her! Now I live my life with more truth and authenticity than ever before and have dug deep to identify my true calling.

As a result of working with Tracy, I gained clarity and identified my life’s purpose. I am so amazed that in working with Tracy I gained the confidence to start a Professional Development and Empowerment Coaching business. Just as Tracy helped me, I now have a coaching business where I help women reach their optimum success in the workplace and identify and pursue their true calling. Tracy’s program works and it has changed my life and set me on a path of positivity, authenticity, and long term success. ~ Sherrich Thegg – Professional Development, Empowerment Coach & Author


 Cassandra HerbertI was drawn to work with Tracy Neely because I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the type of programs I should put together to attract more clients. I knew Tracy assisted women in re-connecting with their brilliance and using their own strengths to attract clients who wanted to invest in their services. In working with Tracy, what I liked most were her simple, yet powerfully effective action plans she recommended, her intuitive ability when she made suggestions were spot on for me and the accountability piece was huge.
At the end of a session Tracy would remind me to email her a copy of what I had created by a certain date so she could review it and make suggestions. Tracy would check in during each session to see if I had completed the action plan and if not we would process where I was getting stuck and if we needed to shift the course of action.

I was pleasantly surprised that Tracy examined how I was presenting myself on my website and social media. During one of our sessions Tracy made some suggestions on things to do so my message and brand appeared consistent and clear on my website, social media and marketing material. If you are feeling stuck and if you are spinning your wheels on ways to expand your business and attract your idea client I highly recommend you invest in working with Tracy. ~ Cassandra Herbert – Holistic Nurse Consultant and Chakra Harmony Specialist

Tracy is by far one of the most knowledgable and authentic experts I’ve worked with. She is the true embodiment of a powerful role model for women. She has this incredible ability to tap into what was really going on for me and offer exactly the right advice. She is so in tune its amazing! I experienced a tremendous shift in working together! I am completely clear on what I need to focus on now.  I can’t recommend Tracy enough! ~ Leesa Hubbard – Business Mentor and Women’s Empowerment Coach







$1,297 DEPOSIT + 2 PAYMENTS OF $1,297 EACH




Let’s connect to see if this program is right for you. Your first step can be as simple as making a decision that today you are going to think differently and take action to change your reality..

I love this quote by Mahatma Gandhi “The future depends on what you do today”

IMG_6206Let’s talk! I’m offering a free Get To Know You Session by phone or Skype to see if we are a good fit. Click on the following link to schedule a time that works for you in my online calendar.  


P.S. I remember the first time, I stepped outside of my comfort zone to get some support. That phone call changed my life forever. Make this your time to shift your thoughts, master your mindset and energetically create a life you desire. 




I’m Tracy Neely, founder of tracyneely.com, Mindset Alchemy™ and Money Mindset Alchemy™. As an Energy Healer and Intuitive Mindset Coach, I help female entrepreneurs transform their energy blocks into wealth. 

My passion is helping female entrepreneurs master their mindset, clear their energy blocks, transform their lives and creates abundance and success in their life and business.

After creating a successful coaching business, my intuition, psychic abilities and transformational coaching experience allow me to support women who are ready to feel confident, become more visible, receive abundance and share their gifts and talents so they experience success in all areas of their life and business. 

(c) 2016 Tracy Neely                                                                                                        www.TracyNeely.com