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Revealing the Inner Brilliance in EVERY Woman


I specialize in revealing your inner light so that you are the brightest luminary amongst the darkness.


I’m Tracy Neely, an Energy Healer, Intuitive Mindset Coach and Modern Day Alchemist who helps coaches, healers and female entrepreneurs master their mindset, increase confidence, balance their energy, and welcome abundant success by connecting them with their inner-brilliance and shifting steadfast sticking points in their energy and mindset.

Everyone has a story that plays like a movie reel in their subconscious mind that is mimicked in reality. Some of these stories are great. They uplift and drive a person to success and happiness. Others, like most people encounter, stifle a person’s inner awesome with every year that passes.

Each story is a compilation of thoughts, like the sentences on a page within the book of your life. When you shift your thoughts and select the best for each experience, the outcome results in love, joy and abundance. If you’re reaching for the stars and coming up short, your thoughts and the energy you put into the story you write each day may be to blame.

These beliefs or what I like to call your stuck stories were written into your subconscious mind long before you even realized what was going on.


These stuck stories were written into your subconscious mind long before you even realized what was going on. It couldn’t have been helped, so don’t feel guilty about having them. Everyone does; some just have more than others. The beauty of these stories is that they can be erased and rewritten. They don’t have to keep holding you back. I can help you work through and eventually eradicate the negative beliefs and thoughts you keep telling yourself over and over again. I’ve been where you are, and you CAN CHANGE it all in a relatively short amount of time, if you’re ready and willing to take this journey. Being open is key!

Like you might be now, I was in a rough spot when I first considered hiring a mindset coach. I’d had surgery to remove a rare tumor when I was 28 (more on this later). After a few months, I was in a good place physically, but mentally, I was still too harsh on myself. I still had a lot of fear and low self-esteem because I felt people would judge me based on what I looked like. It was as if what I saw in the mirror was different from what people actually saw. I wanted so much to experience life again, without self-imposed limitations, without hiding out of fear. I knew I couldn’t heal my mind alone, so I hired a coach.

We worked together for three months, and during that time, I’d realized I was looking for validation outside of myself. The thoughts and beliefs I was telling myself every day, sometimes not even realizing it, were too much to process and work through alone, so I would turn to others to hear that I was good enough, capable enough, just enough in every sense, perfect just as I was in that moment. Our time together resulted in an incredibly profound transformation. I discarded my old mindset and walked forward in life with a promising new chapter filled with joy, confidence and, most importantly, self-love.

It’s because of our work together that I now heal others from the inside out. The experience ignited a fire in me, and I wanted to know what the turning point in mindset was that changed everything. So, I studied how the mind worked and its effect on the body.  

Eventually, I realized I needed to be helping other women transform their lives through mastering their mindset. I knew that if I could come back from the brink of despair, other women could, too. I knew it was possible to go from fear to faith and literally transform my thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, so that I would live from a place of believing I was worthy, enough, and that abundance was my birthright. Everything I had experienced over those couple of years was teaching me something bigger than I had realized at the time.

The more excited I became about helping women transform their mind to create a new reality, the more in alignment I became with my life’s purpose. Doors kept opening and I was finally awakening.


I was finally awakening.


The stories we are often told and then rehashed in our mind about fitting in and being “normal” can diminish our natural instincts and intuition. When you rewrite these stories, amazing things begin to happen. The natural wonder and magic of childhood returns. You are more universally connected than ever before. My awakening woke the ability to know things without knowing how. I could connect with someone I’d never known before and know what was happening in their life. It was dawning on me that I could help women not just on a mindset level, but a whole life level. With the right education I could help change mindset AND provide support in integrating those changes into reality.

So, I took many courses and gained certifications in health, wellness, mindset, business strategy, and energy healing. I combined my newfound knowledge with my spiritual gift of intuition and created a way that I could support women on every level of life, from the struggles to triumphs and through thick and thin, all of what life had to dish out (which they were creating subconsciously). Mindset Alchemy™, a transformational coaching program for women was the result.

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When I look back on the day I was diagnosed with Ameloblastoma, the rare tumor that almost took my life, I am overcome with gratefulness. I am so thankful for everything I’ve experienced because it led me to where I am today. It was one heck of a journey getting to this point, and it all started when a small town girl from Chattanooga, TN stepped off a plane and into New York City’s La Guardia airport for the very first time.

The energy of the city pulsed all around me. It was exciting, but there was an undercurrent to the excitement—fear. The realization that you could lose it all in an instant would come and go. Fear and excitement battled for my attention, and soon, the reality of it all sank in. The life I’d dreamed of, influenced by movies and tv shows, wouldn’t be obtainable as quickly as I thought, but over time, as I became more experienced, the money flowed in more easily. The struggle eased, and I could breathe.

After several incredible years in NYC, I decided it was time to go back to my hometown to spend time with my mom. I wasn’t leaving NYC permanently, just enjoying a few weeks with family, and since I was going to be there for at least a month, I scheduled a couple of doctor’s appointments to save money (it’s cheaper to see a doctor in Chattanooga than NYC). One of the appointments was for a routine dental checkup and teeth cleaning, but this would be a dentist trip I’d never forget.

I was sitting in the slightly uncomfortable exam chair when I first realized something was wrong. The puzzled look on the dentist’s face gave it away, as he sat there staring at my x-ray, trying to determine whether the black spot was something to be concerned about. He decided to get a second opinion and sent my x-ray to an oral surgeon. After deliberation, it was confirmed. There was a problem. I remember not fully understanding what I was being told. A rare tumor had formed on the right side of my jaw. I was told to see an oral surgeon the moment I was back in New York City, but for some reason, the urgency to schedule an appointment was lost on me.

It’s hard to not get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the city, and I waited almost three weeks to make an appointment with the oral surgeon. By this point in time, it had been almost two months since the dentist appointment in Chattanooga. On a Tuesday, though, I walked through the doors of Dr. Glickman’s office, the oral surgeon, for my appointment. Because of the situation and the length of time between visits, the oral surgeon wanted to take more x-rays. He studied the images for only a few moments before telling me I had to go to the hospital no later than that night. I needed surgery right away because the tumor had grown rapidly in such a short amount of time. I was rattled. That’s not the kind of news you expect to hear in your lifetime. He kept talking, but it was as if I’d gone deaf. I could see the words coming out of his mouth, but I wasn’t registering them.


To read more about the tumor that changed my life in ways I could never imagine, including overcoming the challenges of learning how to speak again, smiling, and looking in the mirror, click here.


Little did I know how much that tumor would transform everything for me. I absolutely love my life now. The sun shines on me every single day, and it can on you, too. It’s all in the energy you project via your thoughts and reactions. I’ve mastered this, and I guarantee you can, as well, if you’re willing to start and put one foot in front of the other.

Much love, light & insight,

Tracy Neely


Certifications, Degree & Skills

-Certified Energy Healer

-Certified Energy Healer-Certified Divine Living Life Coach

-Certified Energy Editing Professional (Kinesiology)

-Bachelor of Science  in Marketing

-Certified NLP Practitioner

-Skilled in Akashic Records

-Certified Chakra Balancing Practitioner

-Intuitive Mindset Practitioner

-Certified EFT Practitioner







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