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I stepped out of my comfort zone…
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I have worked with Tracy for 2 months, but only after meeting her in Whole Foods. My journey has been long, dreary, and complicated, however, Tracy, with her gentle style and professionalism, shined light upon me, that opened to endless possibilities.

She extended her call to duty, by understanding, supporting, assisting, and adding the extra compassion I needed, at a critical time in my life.

Nutrition and health comes so natural for Tracy, she made a lifestyle seem so natural, from teaching me to juice to creating cultured vegetables.  Each meeting was tremendous, I felt myself get more healthy, and whenever a hurdle manifested, we jumped across it together. What teamwork! What great strides! What a life-altering accomplishment working with Tracy has been! Although I still have healing today, and am better prepared for the battle. My mind is open to receive more information. She was so flexible, and that assisted in implementing new approaches.

- Robyn B., Berkeley Lake, GA